Our Lock Product Solutions

We use several lock product suppliers, well known for their high quality, reliability and visual appeal.

Lockwood Security
Australian made, leaders in lock product technology. A household name and a diverse product range.

Lockwood product range

A Swiss company established in 1862. Kaba lock products are amongst the best in the world.

Kaba product range

Abus, Germany

Abus are a high quality lock manufacturer based Germany. Abus uses disc tumbler locks on their high-security products and pin tumbler locks on their standard security products. The latest ABUS padlocks have removable cores. This allows us to re-key these padlocks allowing you to open several locks with one Master key.

Abus specialise in:

Ardel Safe Company, Australia

The Ardel Safe Company are based in Sydney Australia. They manufacture a range of steel security safes and cabinets for domestic, commercial, medical and government requirements.

Expert help

  • Key cutting
  • Combination locks
  • Lock installations
  • After Hours Emergency Service